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The Rainforest

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Over thousands of years, jungle people have become especially adapted to life in the rainforest.

In the last century more change has occurred within tribal groups in the Amazon than ever before. In fact, there is probably not a single tribe that has not  been effected by the outside world. This has made tribes relatively venerable to outside dieses like common colds and measles.

In the future I think the rainforest should be more sustainable by both tourists, logging companies, mining companies an dam companies.

It should also be a fair decision so the logging companies have to agree with the government and the tribal people. Also anyone found cutting down trees without an permit will get an 1000 pound on the spot fine , or if they don’t have the money - go to jail!

At the present rate of tropical deforestation, the worlds remaining tropical rainforests will be gone in just 30 years!

As the worlds population increases the competition for land, food and recourses also increase, it appears that the worlds rainforests will continue to fall at an increasingly fast rate.

By working together we can make a difference!

Peasant farmers also clear the rainforest to have land for planting, by cutting the forest and then in the dry season burning what they have cut. We must do every thing we can to help protect the world remaining forests. - one important way to help is to plant new tropical hardwood for harvests, so they wont be taken from the natural rainforest. As individuals, we may feel insignificant, but by working together, we can make a difference, and being and example for others, we can multiply the result.

By carrying out this project I have found out lots about the Amazon rainforest and the tribes within. I didnt realise how dificult it was to live in the rainforest and how much i should value my home and all the luxury's i take for granted!

I have found the project hard because i had to find relevant information from a very wide range on the internet. But at the same time easy , because all the information was there and i had help from school and my school books, I found the overall design of my work enjoyable.

The next time I carry out an enquiry in geography I will carry out a comparision.