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The Rainforest

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Does Tourism have a negative or posotive Impact on the Rainforest

I will now tell you what I think on negative and Positive aspects of  Tourism...



We are losing the rainforests to tourism. People are investing money, to drilling for oil. Cutting down trees and mining. These are all things we do that destroy the rainforest and the culture that sustains it.

We are at a point where we can’t go back... It is all there now. There is no pure culture anymore.
These things have been introduced, some good, some bad. often done with the best of intentions. Everything is a tangle, like the rainforest. When you introduce money it changes the peoples culture in the tribes, it changes the tribes beliefs and practices.
The result is that the introduction of money can  change in the culture. One of these changes is often the loss of the healing plants and rituals that inspire these magical Tribes in the rainforest.
Tourism also has an negative affect on the area. More than 400 000 people visit the region each year, which means thousands of buses, 4WD’s, and passenger cars drive through the rainforest. The vast majority of tourism operators are highly aware of their impact on the environment and take steps to minimise their impact, but this can never be stopped, unfortunately.

Tourism Can have its advantages.
When people go into the rainforest they areamazed at what they see, for instance if a tribal group where performing an ancient dance or ritual that amazed the crowd the people would give money to show their appreciation this would be good for the tribe to buy food from other tribes.
In England lots of “save the rainforests” groups have been set up, this will prevent lots more years of damage happening to the rainforest living.

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